It is my pleasure to share this great journey with so many varied and interesting people. Every person is filled with a variety of love, wisdom and energy – helping unveil these inner qualities is my joy.
– Laura


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  1. Laura has been my acupuncturist since 2008. When I began treatment with her, I had terrible allergies and asthma. After a few months of treatment, I noticed that my husband wasn’t taking me to the emergency room anymore. I felt like I could breathe again! After a couple of years and the addition of Chinese herbal medicine, I no longer needed my inhaler. In addition, I lost weight, noticed a decrease in my depression/ anxiety, and found a much happier place in life. All of this occurred thanks to Laura’s guidance. She is a seasoned and very skilled acupuncturist and healer. I feel blessed to be under her care and recommend her highly!

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